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Skappy, What is it?

The first anti-stress coaching web and mobile solution, based on a unique behavioral algorithm.

Less stress, it is possible!

No need to argue about the benefits of feeling good. You know it... today, one in every two people wants to improve its shape and its well-being. You have to act in the right direction. Skappy, allows everyone not only to learn more about themselves but also to improve his health in long-term. How? By creating a service package and interactive tools.

How does it work?

What you will discover

With over 50 fun challenges


Brain training


Change in thinking

Your brain training program is animated as funny games techniques based on personal development worldwide recognized. They were revisited by professionals of the stress management to make them accessible to as many as possible.

The cityEmotions

Mental imagery


Cognitive relaxation

The tribe has tested!

They came, they tested, they loved it

  • Mounia

    47 years old- Childminder

    "The stress ruins my life! The application has cleared my mind, I feel more Zen thanks to it"

  • Cécilia

    30 years old- Town-planner

    "I can use Skappy daily at any time, anywhere! It is both relaxing and restful"

  • Inès

    23 Years old- Student

    "I am someone quite stressed and anxious, but this application is surprising. It really works "


No "gasworks" methods that add stress to the stress and produce the opposite effect!Yes, Skappy.

The assets and results

Results for our customers in just 4 weeks!

  • >61% se sentent moins anxieux et inquiets

  • >53% feel more calm and relaxed

  • >50% feel less angry when things go wrong

  • >47% feel less tired

A practitioners network not like the other

Join our practitioners network involved in the stress management 3.0

Who we are

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How can we help you ?

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The anti-stress team

How can we help you ?

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Who is Skappy?

Skappy, it's me

Skappy is the most adorable cat. It guides you through a new experience of managing your stress in just 10 minutes per day thanks to the entertaining games and related services.

Nothing will be like it was before!

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